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from producers who care about their craft too

Jersey MilK

Ours is the craft of transforming milk into bliss. We use only the freshest Jersey milk, a naturally superior milk - think richer, creamier, with higher levels of protein and calcium. 

PURE creaM

Mmmmm... cream. We use pure cream sourced from Country Victoria. Our 
suppliers tick all the boxes when it comes to quality and care for their craft. 

Aussie fruit

Gifts from our wide brown land. We use the best local fruits from our sunburnt country, from local producers who know what they're talking about!


For example, our Queensland Kensington Pride Mango Sorbet gets that 'OMG!' reaction

because we use the best Kensington 

Pride mangoes – full of fresh, citric

aromas and deep, full-bodied


bean to bar


We celebrate single-origin beans from around the world, and as such, let true chocolate flavours dance in our gelato and sorbet. We source our chocolate from Ratio Chocolate 

in Melbourne.

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