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our roots

Oh My Gelato! has grown from one Melburnian’s simple love of crafting traditional gelato for his family.


We’ve gone to great lengths for the best gelato experience: Handcrafted, small batches, sublimely good ingredients - yes, yes, yes!

absolutely no fakeness

Here, you won't find inexpensive shortcuts like fake flavours or pre-measured premixes. (The Italian term for these mixes is “semi-lavorati,” or half-worked.)


Every single ingredient in our gelato has been specifically chosen from suppliers who also care about their craft. Our gelato is made with the freshest Victorian ingredients - Jersey milk sourced from Warrnambool and organic cream from Timboon - and combined with the choicest ingredients from local and global producers. 


The result is a handcrafted deliciousness that you will want to keep coming back for, again and again.

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